Less than a week…

…and the first course in www.writerswebworkshop.com begins! (Writing for Children; Novel- Writing begins on July 19.) I’m very excited about this. It’ll build on what began with the previous workshop site. Summertime can be such a wonder-full time to begin such a path. It seems relaxed and rather lulls you into a sense of not really doing all that much…and before you know it, you’ve accomplished something; this is my experience of awakening with the sun, sitting alone, but with a cup of coffee and a pen out on the deck. Page after page, even just a couple each day…and then a thin pile, a bit thicker, another chapter, a story…ready for the [word omitted–see comments!] re-write of Fall.


Learning in Finland

My friend Amy sent this to me: http://vodpod.com/watch/3409792-bbc-news-world-news-america-why-do-finlands-schools-get-the-best-results

Amazing! Watch for the moment when the kids all head off on their own to X-country ski!

I so appreciate that they don’t start formalized learning until they’re seven. I wonder what are the numbers of prescriptions and LDs…

new website! www.writerswebworkshop.com

I’m thrilled–my new workshop site is up and running!

Thanks to Diane Askin at Netclimbers, a local Ladner website designer…she’s amazing.

Here we go! Writing for children, Advanced Novel, and Screenwriting with Amy Whitmore.


When it comes to writing for kids, this pic says it all–the best review…