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Title: Molly’s Cue

Publisher: Coteau Books

Reviewed by: Nancy Halder

Molly Gumley has always wanted to be an actor.

Molly’s grandmother (simply called her Grand) had told her wonderful stories about what it’s like to be on stage performing, and the excitement of living it.  Now, with her Grand having passed away, her influence and the feeling of having Grand on stage with her is what gives Molly the courage to act on stage.

However, just before her audition for her high school play, her world crashes down as Uncle Early reveals the truth about her grandmother.  Molly doesn’t feel Grand’s presence anymore and she can’t bring herself to act.  She finds her passion and dream of being on stage turns into her worst fear.  Molly’s Cue is the journey of Molly finding herself again in the world she wants to live in.

The plot progresses quickly and keeps the readers wondering how Molly will figure out a different way to deal with her stage frights.  Also, readers can relate to her situation, because overcoming the obstacles to reach our dreams are something we all face in life.  The characters are very realistic and the author has added humour throughout the story which made the novel more enjoyable.

Although the subject matter of the story is very captivating and realistic, I wouldn’t recommend it to older teens.  However, I would definitely recommend Molly’s Cue to preteens and younger teens as a great book that shows them how to overcome obstacles in their later teen years.