a picturebook is born

Official release date: Grandpa’s Music: A Story About Alzheimer’s

I am grateful for what the artist, Bill Farnsworth, has created.  A childhood friend of mine wrote the following Facebook comment when he saw the cover image:

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Curtis Collins
Curtis Collins at 1:27pm May 13
Is that a picture of you – you used to look just like that at 8 years old?
This made me laugh!  And think about all the “connectings” we do, as humans…
Curtis and I grew up next door to each other; his wife, who has become my friend,
Sarah, has taken writing classes with me (check out her wonderful early reader,
SAM & NATE (P.J. Sarah Collins, Orca Books); Bill Farnsworth lives in Florida,
about as far away as you can be on this continent…and we’ve never met.
I grew up thinking that writers always work alone.  But writing a picturebook is
different: other people have important roles and contributions.  It’s more like a
theatre production…almost…