contests, contests…and Savvymom

Wireless working outside

There are so many voting contests. I try to take them seriously when friends and rellies contact me about them, so long as they’re about more than getting an iPad…such as the one my niece was involved in, in Kelowna last year. I was diligent about voting every day. Her project was a solid act of Community.

So I found out about this “Savvymom” project: a way of promoting and supporting home-based businesses. The prize is cash, that would go a long way to paying my amazing webmaster, Diane Askin of Netclimber Web Design, as well as a host of google and net resources.

I’m thrilled with the fact that both of my summer courses–the time of year I thought least likely to flourish–are full and happy, with productivity and creating…but I need to continue to “grow” writerswebworkshop, so that it’s healthy, as businesses–even little ones–need to be. Business vitamins, you could call it. This contest could be multi-Bs and C!

So here’s the link:

Please vote, and if you have an extra minute (!) leave a comment, and pass the word.

And thank you, thank  you, thank you!