June newsletter

This is it: the final of twelve issues to complete the first year of putting this together. I do so enjoy doing this…though notice how it’s affected my blog output…hmm… I also edit the newsletter for SCBWI Western Canada (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) as well as head the newsletter committee for the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Association), so newsletters seem to be a point where I’m useful.

This issue features another ex-student, Michelle Superle, and her new work of fiction, BLACK DOG DREAM DOG. It’s so exciting to see these new works…and even more so to read them. I’ve read BDDD to myself, and now to my son. A terrific read, indeed! And beautifully created by Tradewind Books. The cover colour, and the illustrations throughout are just so warming.

And again, the newsletter shares a writer’s space. If you are a writer, and would like to share your own working space in this way, please email me and let me know!

Dr. Michelle Superle, author of Black Dog Dream Dog, and her own big black dog, Horatio…

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