Medium-rare or Medium well-done is Medium

I have made the decision to post work on Medium.

Just because, you know, I’ve always liked to write.

My contract position at UBC is now half-time as of this past year, and I write every day–or almost–working on a novel, at the moment, for adults. Yet another new area for me. The novel started as another short story for the collection I have been working on in the past six years..and grew and grew until it was long past short story length. It is now almost 250 pages, and growing. And in the last couple of weeks, I have a contract for another children’s book.

Slowly, my teaching is diminishing, and my writing is growing, and that is my goal. I have taught for many years, and actively worked with others on their careers. Now, as a working writer, I am looking to Medium to fill cracks and to keep me thinking on the page.

Medium is fun! It is ad-free which is huge to my mind, and it is a solid source of information and inspiration. (For the most part; you can “train” it to bring up pieces of interest to YOU.) It is only $5 per month to be able to read as much as you want, and the writers are paid from the subscription fees. (I believe you can read a couple pieces a month for no cost…but then the writers are not paid. And you know what that means.)

Here are some of the pieces I’ve posted:

Disenfranchised Grief: All grief is loss

Grieving and Mourning: What’s the difference?

Homeschooling: How many days of school can a child miss before they start to slip behind?

What the Homeschool Home Might Look Like