Learning in Finland

My friend Amy sent this to me: http://vodpod.com/watch/3409792-bbc-news-world-news-america-why-do-finlands-schools-get-the-best-results

Amazing! Watch for the moment when the kids all head off on their own to X-country ski!

I so appreciate that they don’t start formalized learning until they’re seven. I wonder what are the numbers of prescriptions and LDs…

Homeschooling: time to be kind

I thought I knew all about the negatives and positives of homeschooling, but here’s a surprise (and maybe it shouldn’t be…but…): the anxiety lessens, and with that, the kindness grows. ¬†What is the anxiety about? is it “Time”? Public education, I’ve been informed, is all about time: “keeping kids on their toes…making them feel as if they’re always running out of time.” Hearing that statement last spring made a number of things click into place for me: what is wrong with current education practices and curriculum; what is wrong with our society; my questions about mental and physical health..and my own issues of feeling as if there is simply too much going on, and my children’s anxieties. And we are not alone in this. Everyone I share with feels similarly.

So it’s fascinating to see how when we reclaim time, we allow kindness to grow.

My oldest taught my youngest how to use Garage Band this week. My youngest carries the others’ dishes to the dishwasher (and left mouths agape in his wake!). Homework stress is gone. There is a big difference this year.

And each morning, I write. Every morning. Even if it means getting up at 5.

Time is to kindness what soil is to plants.