A New Year

It is like a baby, just a bit. An opportunity to re-write.

Reminds me of sniffing the crowns of my infant sons’ heads and breathing deeply. Somewhere in my core, I carry that smell-memory. Such memories carry and motivate. The tough part is to think about these things briefly, at the outset of a day, or remember them at moments when you need them. And there’s only one way to do this.

I think that will have to be my guiding thought for the year. Slow down. I haven’t waited until the first of January to start anew. Really, I feel as if I’ve been preparing for this coming year for some time now, laying foundation to build on…and I’m ready to build further.

For months, everything has had a slightly frantic edge. Now it’s time to dive in to the cool, silent depths, slow, go deep. Daily yoga time really works with this. Finishing various writing projects. Establishing my editing work. Solidifying teaching. Seeing my boys grow up–something full of wonder in that.

“Be still.” The two words I’ve taken from my childhood/familial belief system. Possibly the most powerful little phrase.